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New RANCONA formula available in Canadian provinces

CARY, N.C. (December 2 2015) – As Canadian growers begin to look for a disease defense to use in cool and wet soil conditions, Arysta LifeScience North America announces RANCONA PINNACLE – a ready-to-use seed treatment that offers broad-spectrum protection against yield-robbing wheat diseases. Containing Ipconazole, the formula provides excellent earlyseason protection against seed rot and a host of  common diseases, including Rhizoctonia and Pythium.

“Growers, especially those in Canada, may use RANCONA PINNACLE on wheat, barley and other cereal seed to manage the risk of seedling diseases while improving germination and stand establishment,” says Chris Wooley, Seed Treatment Marketing Manager, Arysta LifeScience. “This easy-to-use disease defense promotes bigger and better yield potential for growers across various  environments in Canadian provinces.”

Disease Protection
RANCONA PINNACLE is a combination of the best-in-class triazole fungicide Ipconazole and Metalaxyl, making it one of the most effective seed treatments on the market. It can serve as a disease curative and preventative seed treatment through both contact and
systemic activity. RANCONA PINNACLE provides both curative and preventative disease control during germination and seedling development.

When planting into cool, wet soils, this formula protects against diseases including seed- and soilborne Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, and seed rots, Common Root Rot, Common Bunt, Loose Smut and Pythium.

Optimized Performance
“In university trials, growers who treated their fields with RANCONA PINNACLE saw increased yields versus those growers who used other leading seed treatments,” says Brian Schilling, Development Manager - Canada, Arysta LifeScience. “Profits are increased by
enhancing varietal performance, which is a huge benefit to growers.” With faster emergence than other fungicides and improved seedling germination, RANCONA PINNACLE results in increased stand establishment and healthier, more vigorous plants.

RANCONA PINNACLE is available now through retailers and distributors in Canada, as well as throughout the U.S., including the Pacific Northwest and Northern Plains. For more information about the RANCONA family of seed protection products, visit


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