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Arysta LifeScience is proud to offer some of the most trusted names in crop protection for the Canadian horticulture market, and our roster is growing. Our portfolio now includes dependable fungicides, insecticides, miticides, plant growth regulators, a herbicide and bactericide. Together, they represent a tradition of proven solutions you can count on.

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DECREE® Fungicide
When it comes to effective Botrytis control in greenhouse ornamentals and many greenhouse vegetables, nothing works like DECREE® Fungicide. 


ELEVATE® Fungicide
ELEVATE® Fungicide provides proven protection and management of Botrytis in grapes and berry crops and Brown rot in peaches and cherries when applied early in the disease life cycle.


MAESTRO® Fungicide
MAESTRO® Fungicide provides broad-spectrum disease control in apples, berry crops, peaches, grapes and many other fruit and vegetable crops.


METTLE® 125 ME Fungicide – in a class by itself
In a class by itself, METTLE® Fungicide controls Powdery mildew with strong preventative activity for improved fruit quality and yield.



CASORON® Herbicide
CASORON® Herbicide is an easy-to-use granular herbicide that provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum weed control.



ACRAMITE® Miticide
ACRAMITE® Miticide provides excellent control of the motile stage of pest mites with long-lasting residual control of newly hatched nymphs on many horticultural crops.


FLORAMITE® Miticide provides fast and long-lasting control of damaging mite species in many greenhouse vegetable crops and ornamentals.


KANEMITE® Miticide
KANEMITE® Miticide provides fast-acting contact control of key pest mites in pome fruit, caneberry crops and ornamentals while being easy on predatory mites and other beneficial insects.


ORTHENE® Insecticide
Providing both contact and systemic control, ORTHENE® Insecticide delivers a powerful one-two punch against a wide range of insect pests in many vegetable crops, tobacco and ornamental plants.


RIMON® Insecticide
RIMON® Insecticide controls damaging insect pests in many fruit and vegetable crops. The unique mode of action also makes it an excellent choice for a resistance management program.


SHUTTLE® Miticide
SHUTTLE® Miticide provides fast knockdown and excellent control of key pest mites on greenhouse ornamentals and many greenhouse vegetable crops.



KASUMIN® Bactericide
KASUMIN® is a unique bactericide to help manage destructive bacterial diseases in pome fruit and fruiting vegetables.

Growth Regulator


B-NINE® Plant Growth Regulator
B-NINE® Plant Growth Regulator controls height and promotes flowering of greenhouse ornamentals. 


ROYAL MH-30® XTRA Growth Regulator
ROYAL MH-30® XTRA Growth Regulator improves the quality and marketability of potatoes and onions and provides sucker control in tobacco.