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RANCONA® PINNACLE takes seed treatment technology to new levels

The advanced generation seed treatment technology in RANCONA® PINNACLE ensures you’re maximizing your seed treatment investment and maximizing your yield potential.

A Higher Level of Disease Control

RANCONA PINNACLE combines two fungicides that provide both contact and systemic activity against a broad spectrum of yield-robbing diseases in cereals. We start with ipconazole, a highly active and novel triazole that controls Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, smuts, bunts and seed rot. Then we add metalaxyl, a foundation fungicide that broadens the disease spectrum and also provides control of Pythium.

Both fungicides are exceptionally safe on seed compared to other seed treatments. And the systemic activity means your seedlings and plants continue to be protected well after planting.

  • Convenient product
  • Unique combination of ipconazole and metalaxyl fungicides
  • Broad-spectrum control of both seed- and soil-borne diseases in wheat, barley, oats, triticale and rye
  • Microdispersion (MD) technology for superior coverage and adhesion
  • Faster emergence, increased stands, healthier, more vigorous plants

The Power of Rancona technology