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For contact and systemic control of key insect pests in registered vegetable crops, tobacco and ornamental plants.

When it comes to controlling key insect pests in many high-value vegetables, ornamentals and tobacco, trust in the powerful one-two punch of ORTHENE® 75 SP Insecticide.

ORTHENE controls a wide variety of damaging insects, but is best known for the excellent activity on aphids and Lepidoptera larvae. Once applied, ORTHENE works in two ways, providing effective contact control of foliar-feeding insects and rapidly absorbing into plant tissue, controlling insects as they feed for two to three weeks after application. Acephate, the active ingredient in ORTHENE, rapidly penetrates plant tissue. Once dried, it is less susceptible to wash off during rainfall or irrigation.


ORTHENE Insecticide can be used as a foliar spray to protect labeled vegetable crops from European corn borer, tarnished plant bug, potato flea beetle, green peach aphid and other damaging pests. Plus, it can be applied to young tomato plants in transplant water to provide systemic protection during those critical first weeks of crop development.


When used as a foliar spray, ORTHENE provides both contact and systemic control of key pests, including aphids, armyworm, greenhouse whitefly, leafminer, leafroller, mealybug and flower thrips.


ORTHENE can be applied as a foliar spray to control tomato hornworm, flea beetle and green peach aphid. In addition, it can be added to transplant water to control darksided cutworm, potato flea beetle, root maggot, green peach aphid and thrips for two to three weeks after transplanting.